The Falcons Soccer Club brings together adult players of all skill levels and orientations for informal weekly pick-up games, organized league and tournament play, and social events with the goal of providing an environment where friendships, fitness, fair play, and fun flourish. The club is co-ed, primarily gay and lesbian, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Falcons have promoted good sportsmanship and a positive social outlet since their founding in 1989.


Established in 1989, the Club has represented the Philadelphia region well in the past. Although we are a social club and have members at all levels, the club often rises to a higher level in tournament play and many of our more skilled players enjoy the competition in local leagues and national and international play.


The Philadelphia Falcons is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive soccer program serving the needs of the LGBT community. The club offers a range of programs designed to meet the technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills of all players. Opportunities exist for anyone who wants to play soccer regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, and skill level. The Falcons bring the LGBT community and allies together to create strong and lasting friendships characterized by respect and team effort.


The Philadelphia Falcons strives to develop the skills, knowledge, character, and love of the game for players of all ages in a fun and positive environment. It is focused on the enjoyment, improvement, growth, and development of players the focus is on playing to develop and not playing to win.


The Philadelphia Falcons embraces the following values:

  • Soccer is a game and games are to be played for enjoyment first and foremost with winning as a secondary goal
  • To offer a quality soccer program for all levels of competition
  • To provide a superior supporting staff focused on the players
  • To provide superior game and practice fields
  • To provide a safe, secure, and positive environment for players to learn and play the game of soccer
  • To generate a spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, respect, and maturity of all players involved with the Club
  • To teach players to compete, to compete hard, and to compete to win but that winning is NOT the only measure for success
  • That quality and long term benefits are more important than short term success

Strategic Priorities

The Philadelphia Falcons Strategic Priorities are to:

  • Develop a solid organizational and financial framework to ensure the continuation of developmental programs for the future;
  • Establish consistent programs to reach all its members equally
  • Increase participation and membership numbers by continuing to establish and solidify relationships with all soccer leagues, events, sponsors and organizers.
  • To making decisions in the club based on what’s in the best interest of the players.
  • To clearly and effectively communicate to all club constituents.