Have some questions?? Look at the FAQ’s below to see if it might answered before reaching out via email!

Can anyone join the Falcons?
Anyone over the age of 18, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, skill level, ethnicity, may join the Philadelphia Falcons.

Are there any skills labs I can come to?
From time to time, we have skills labs to practice our skills, however we do not have them scheduled habitually. If you’re interested in doing one – email info@falcons-soccer.org

How much does it cost to join?
it costs $30 to become a Half-Year Member, and $50 to become a Full Year Member. Click Here – to see our membership page

Where do games happen?
Indoor and Winter League happen at the Guerin Center at 16rth & Jackson in South Philly, and Outdoor pickup & Summer League happen at Fairmount Athletic Field in Fairmount. Spring League is at 4th & Washington in East Philly.

What happens if I become a member and I decide I don’t want to be one anymore?
although we rarely ever see this happen! – if you do choose that you would like a refund, the board reviews these on a case by case basis, and only issue refunds in the rarest of cases. Email info@falcons-soccer.org if you would like to request a refund.

Do I have to be considered LGBTQ+ to join?
Of course not! We welcome all people of all identities. Many of our members join simply for the love of sport and soccer. We encourage anyone and everyone to join us, as long as they want to play, and bring a good attitude!