First Time Members


We’re glad you decided to check us out. The Falcons have a long standing tradition of welcoming players of all skill levels! If you haven’t ever played soccer before – that’s ok! We have plenty of opportunities to play and welcome you to come out and play with us!

Through out the year we have indoor pick up games & outdoor pick up games. Indoor us held generally November – March, and Outdoor April – October. Members have full access to play pick up games as much as they like, and non – members may play a pick up game once before having to commit to becoming a member. You also have the option of being a half year member or full year member, which costs $30 & $50 respectively, scholarships are also available. Info for them can be found on our membership page

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If you’re more interested in joining a league, then good news! The Falcons host 3 leagues a year: Winter, Spring, & Summer league. Teams are made randomly based on skill level, and are also all gender as well. They last 6-8 weeks long with one game a week, and a short tournament at the end of the league.

Click Here – to check out more on our Winter League

Click Here – to check out more on our Spring League

Click Here – to check out more on our Summer League

If you have any questions at all – please email or use our contact form Here.