Fall and Winter League Rules


  • 5 players on the court and 1 must be a female
    • Substitutions on the fly
    • Unlimited substitutions…. always try to include everyone!
  • 20 minute halves with a running clock
  • Out-of-bounds marked by basketball court
  • Kick-ins to resume play from the sidelines
  • Goals can only be scored on your offensive half
  • When a team is up by 5 goals, the other team can add one more player to the field
  • No goalies
    • If a player uses their hands to block a goal, they will receive a yellow card and the opposing team with be awarded a penalty shot


  • Ties during regular season stay as a tie


  • One referee will be assigned to each game
  • All the kicks will be indirect, with the exception of a penalty kick
  • Yellow Card: 10 minutes out for that player, someone else can come in.
  • Red Card: The player is out of the game and the team can add one player after 10 minutes
  • Accumulated Fouls: When one team accumulates 5 fouls during a half, all kicks will be direct


Be respectful to everyone, including teammates, referees, and organizers. Referees and organizers have the right to eject a player from the game or the tournament for continual rough/physical play, misconduct, or any form of violence in or off the field.